Our services

At Topic we provide digital media consulting and develop strategies to advertise your business in all the key channels for the growth of your brand. We make use of various technologies, which we integrate and adapt to the specific needs of each business.

We believe in professionalism, and we understand that through the articulation of knowledge and technique the commercial potential of each company can be exploited, so we offer a wide range of options through which we can achieve success for our customers and their consumers.

Google Ads

We plan campaigns and advertising ads within the Google platform and associated sites.

Social Ads

We use the power of social networks by advertising on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.


We develop conversion funnels that allow us to work on the basis of specific objectives.


We generate metrics and reports of user behavior within each website.

Email Marketing

We automate and manage email marketing campaigns along with other digital strategies necessary for a comprehensive approach to advertising.


We provide training and consulting in marketing to companies and customers, in order to achieve a better understanding of your business around the advertising market.


We create specific solutions for our clients, such as websites and landing pages, allowing to enhance their advertising campaigns.


We plan and implement business-to-business strategies to help our clients contact companies interested in their products or services.

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